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Basic Finance

    Basic Finance In February 1999, two Alexander County Men, who had served as deacons together in their local church, began talking about a partnership to form a local finance company that would better serve the needs of their community.
    As Tim Lyon and Rober, "Pete" James continued to meet, their discussions focused on a business based on honesty, integrity and something that could be run as a reflection on their Christian beliefs. Basic Finance is the company that resulted of this collaboration.
    On September 29th 2000, their prayers became a reality as they opened their first office in Taylorsville, NC. The company has since added offices in North Wilkesboro, Elkin, Jefferson, Rockingham, Shelby and Wadesboro. Basic Finance now serves over 21,000 customers on a monthly basis. The company has become well known for their special logo on each office entrance which lists the daily operating hours and their displays for "Golf on Saturdays and Church on Sundays", Reminding us to enjoy the life we have been given and continuously serve the Lord and Savior.
    Our goal at Basic Finance, Inc. is to establish a business relationship with each customer. We want to meet your financial needs creating the opportunity for you to establish credit and to build a customer relationship to borrow funds in the future as the need arises.
Categories: Financial
Business Type: Loan, Financing and Credit
Licensed : Yes
Insured: Yes
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Basic Finance

519 East Broad Ave.
Rockingham NC 28379
(910) 997-4156

Basic Finance — Financial — Rockingham

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